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With the design tool Artisteer you can create templates/themes for several cms, yet not for WebsiteBaker or Lepton.
This script fills this gap.

Versions: 2.6.1 (tested with Artisteer 2.6 and WebsiteBaker 2.8.1)
 + 3.0.1 (tested with Artisteer 3 + 4 and WebsiteBaker 2.8.1)
 + 4.3.3 (tested with Artisteer 4.3 and WebsiteBaker 2.8.1/Lepton 1.3+2.x)
Target audience: Webmasters wanting to create WebsiteBaker templates with Artisteer.
Requirements: basic knowledge in XML, HTML und PHP (for configuration).


  • fold out menu (via showmenu2)
  • sidebar blocks configurable
  • RSS links configurable
  • works with multi-language pages

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Important note

This script is no longer being developed.
It does not work with the latest versions of WebsiteBaker and Lepton!


Art2Wb 2.6.1 (for Artisteer 2.6) (17 kB)

Art2Wb 3.0.1 (for Artisteer 3 + 4.0) (17 kB)

Art2Wb 4.3.3 (for Artisteer 4.3) (20 kB)