Sprache / Language

Manual for Art2WB

  1. Create a page with Artisteer.
    The content area should consist of only one column!
    This can be changed by clicking:

  2. Export it afterwards as Website Template (folder, not zip archive).

  3. Copy the files index.php, info.php, art2wb.php, art2web.conf.php and simple_html_dom.php into the folder you selected in step 1 (in this example this is D:\art2wbtest).
    The contents of the folder should now look like this:

  4. Edit art2web.conf.php. The file is in XML-style and commented.

  5. Edit info.php. Change values for $template_directory and $template_name.

  6. Zip the files of the folder (not the folder itself).

  7. Install the template in WebsiteBaker via Add-ons - Templates.

  8. Select the template in WebsiteBaker via Settings - Default SettingsTemplate.

  9. Call the page http://www.yourWBinstallation/templates/templatename/art2wb.php .
    Tip: this page is linked from now on from every page, until it is called.
    If the message "Could not write" appears, set the chmod of the info.php and index.php files to writable (eg. chmod 666) and reload the page.

  10. If you want to change the template later, just perform again steps 6 to 8.
    Important: Increase the value of $template_version in info.php.