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JKImage is a module for WebsiteBaker or Lepton. You can use it to insert images into a page the easy way.

Versions: 1.0.1 (tested with WebsiteBaker 2.8.1)
1.1.1 (tested with Lepton 2.2)
Target audience: WebsiteBaker users


  • After installation of the module, there's a new page/section type jkimage.  
  • Select an existing image or upload a new one
  • JKImage creates a new image file with the given size. This file usually also loads faster than the original image.
  • Enable Shadowbox with one click
  • Live preview of image, size and alignment in backend.


This screenshot shows how jkimage looks like in the WB backend and there's jkimage used to insert it here.

JKImage backend

Tips and tricks

  • A setup for alignment only makes sense if there is a text section below it (like wysiwyg).  
  • If you want to display multiple pictures side by side, set the alignment for all pictures except the last to left. For the last JKImage element set alignment to none.

Important note

This script is no longer being developed.
It does not work with the latest versions of WebsiteBaker and Lepton!


JKImage 1.0.1 (33 kB)

JKImage 1.1.1 (33 kB)